SS 8: How Is My Macula – Dr. Stambolian

My Mac D Podcast is joined by Dr. Stambolian. Dr. Stambolian describes how they are taking a new approach focusing research on human eye tissue to better understand what makes a normal macula different from other locations in the retina. Their goals, he says, is to develop better treatments and work on finding a cure.

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SS 6: Past conversations with Christine Pedi

My Mac D Life revisits past conversations with Christine Pedi. Christine Pedi is an American television and theatre actress, cabaret performer and radio personality. Christine shares her adventures as she navigates through the world with diminished vision while trying to get a better understanding of herself and the world.

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SS 3: Public Health and Policy

MyMacDLife is joined by Kira Baldonado. She is the Vice President for Prevent Blindness. She oversees the development and implementation of the organization’s public health and policy agenda, working closely with affiliate offices and partner organizations across the country.

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SS 1: Low Vision International

My Mac D is joined by Chris Caswell. He is a part of Low Vision International in Växjö, Sweden. LVI's mission is to make every day easier for people with visual impairments, LVI develops, produces and sells visual aids with high standards for reliability, simplicity and serviceability.

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S1E9: Peripheral Vision and ‘Ears to Eyes’ Strategies

Dawn Prall interviews Ilana Yellen from Evoke KYNE about their recent work on AMD Central. AMD Central is a brand-new resource website with the primary goal of user ease and accessibility in mind, the site itself is designed to be functional; colors and font sizes can be tailored to those who have vision loss. Ilana then goes on to speak about her growing awareness of the AMD community through this collaboration and explains new projects at Evoke KYNE.

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