My Dad Has MacD

Marcela Salmon speaks with Cassidy about growing up with a father, uncle and aunt with macular degeneration. Cassidy has lived around MacD for her entire life. She became aware of her father’s condition during a trip to Colorado when she realized her father couldn’t read things easily and she would help.

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Ever wonder how they make audiobooks?

“We’re freeing people from screens, pages, anything visual.” S1E10

Part 1

Voice actors explain what it’s like to be one and how they got their start in a billion dollar industry.

Their stories are fun, authentic and you get a peek of the “real” person behind the voice.

Part 2

Voice actors have to fit the part. It’s more complex than you think.

Also a discussion on the impact of audiobooks on accessibility and the visually impaired from people behind the scenes.

Part 3

Coming soon…

MyMacDLife Season 2

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