MyMacDLife Season 1

Macular Degeneration Podcast

S1E4: The Right Diet and Foods to Eat with MacD

Shawn interviews none other than his co-host Dawn Prall as the episode’s featured special guest. Dawn relates the story of how an unexpected phone call over a decade ago sparked a lifelong passion of supporting, educating and inspiring people with MacD and their families. She explains how she received the call from food magnate, philanthropist and Macula Vision Research Foundation founder, the late Herb Lottman, who asked her to serve as executive director of his foundation.

S1E3: The Energy Required to Live With MacD

Dawn interviews special guest Richard Tapping, Vice President of Vispero, about Assistive Technology; Vispero’s history, philosophy and its three brands: Freedom Scientific, Optelec and Enhanced Vision; and the benefits of using magnification devices. Richard talks in detail about how these tools enhance quality of life for people living with MacD and low vision, as well as Vispero’s two-step approach to addressing individual needs.

S1E2: Maintaining a Positive Attitude!

Shawn interviews special guest Dan Roberts, a retired educator and book author who also serves as the editor-in-chief of Living Well with Low Vision; founding director of MD Support; and founding director of the International Low Vision Support Group. His organization, MD Support, is a worldwide non-profit public service organization committed to providing information and support for those affected by macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases.

S1E1: I Have MacD, Now What?

Shawn interviews leading retina specialist Dr. Timothy Murray as the episode’s special guest. Dr. Murray offers details and information about macular degeneration as a disease. He also shares what new treatments to look ahead to, as well as provides tips and strategies for patients and their caregivers, including key questions you should be asking your doctor.