MyMacDLife Season 2

AWARD WINNING Macular Degeneration Podcast

S2E9: Matt Prigge & Meghan Elizabeth Tauck

In the season 2 finale of MyMacDLife, David Wolf joins as a guest host. David Wolf is the CEO and founder of Audivita Studios, the producers of this podcast series. David is joined by Matt Prigge, lead casting director at Audivita Studios, and Meghan Elizabeth Tauck, co-author with William Douglas Horton of Living in a Time of Dying: Cries of Grief, Rage, Love, and Hope. 

S2E8: Kira Baldonado – The Power of Your Voice Drives Change (pt. 2)

Kira Baldonado is back! In this part 2 episode, Jeff Ostroff and Kira pick up where they left off.  Kira's discussion of federal legislation in part 1 leads to a conversation about what states do to address the concerns of those with low vision and their families and caregivers. Kira shares research on the impact of COVID-19 on vision health, the future of new treatments, and how your story can make an impact on others.  

S2E7: Kira Baldonado – The Power of Your Voice Drives Change (pt. 1)

Jeff Ostroff speaks with Kira Baldonado, Vice President of Public Policy and Health at Prevent Blindness. Kira brings years of public health advocacy and leadership experience to the conversation. Not only an advocate for people of all ages with eye diseases, Kira is also a certified children's vision screening instructor for Prevent Blindness.

S2E6: Dawn Prall – The Good Fight for Sight

In this episode, Hilary Stunda speaks with Dawn Prall, the creator of MyMacDLife Podcast and the founder of The SupportSight Foundation. The majority of Dawn’s work has been in the health care and social services industries. In the last decade, she has become a champion of low vision patient education, raising awareness to fund MacD research. In this episode, she shares her story. 

S2E5: Cassidy Collins – My Dad has MacD

In this episode, Marcela Salmon speaks with Cassidy about growing up with a father, uncle and aunt with macular degeneration. Cassidy has lived around MacD for her entire life. She became aware of her father’s condition during a trip to Colorado when she realized her father couldn’t read things easily and she would help.